Alivio Massage Therapy

What if there is a totally DIFFERENT possibility with you and your body?

Advanced Metaphysical Bodywork & Tarot



Dimensional Shadow Massage

Bodywork With Metaphysical Insight

We use shadows to conceal our perceived flaws. Chronic pain leaves us feeling broken with imperfections we struggle to hide. The experience of emotional and physical pain are often intertwined and become indistinguishable. Over time, it can become unclear if it’s our emotions or our bodies causing the pain. How to find relief often becomes an additional stressor.


Dimensional shadow massage incorporates deep empathy and steady soothing bodywork that will relieve pain and comfort the heart. Creating a compassionate connection to our shadow spaces is crucial to changing their shape and allowing healing to happen.


Interactive Tarot 

Interactive Tarot is a way to see what's going on with you energetically and the physical effects. Tarot images affect change, help to set intention, give clarity, and help find answers to your questions within your body and beyond. 

Add 15 minutes of Tarot before and/or after a session to dynamically increase the depth and level of change.