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What if there is a totally DIFFERENT possibility with you and your body?


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Alison Cox

Access Consciousness® and Talk To The Entities™ Certified Facilitator, International Best Selling Author, Life Coach, Owner of Alivio Massage Therapy, Creator of and the Acoustic Massage



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Alison is also available for private Access Cox facilitation sessions via phone, Zoom, or Live. E-mail or call/text 720-441-3338 to schedule or inquire about a FREE Discovery Call.

If you could change ANYTHING about your life, living, business, relationships, mental state, money flows…

What would it be?

What if everything is just energy?

What if the only "reason" something is not working for you has nothing to do with the linear, cognitive, A+B=C world this reality says is causing your problems?

What if the "reason" is energetic?

What if by changing and eliminating your stuck and stagnant points of view you literally CHANGE your entire life and reality energetically, therefore, allowing you to create the adventurous, fun, and ease filled life you know is possible?

Alison offers energetic verbal private sessions using the tools of Access Consciousness™ and psychic intuitive insight to facilitate and EMPOWER you to BE MORE.

What you receive:

- A private one-on-one session via phone or Skype
- Tools, processes, and "home-play" to help you unlock and unblock any area of your life that is sticking you.
- A recording of the session to listen to as many times as you'd like. The more you listen, the more you unlock. Every time you listen, you are different.

This is an invitation to being and having ALL of you. Be the greater, bigger, more expansive YOU you know you can be!

To set up a session:
Phone/Text: (720) 441-3338

Private Facilitation Sessions:

60 Minute Session: $300
30 Minute Session: $150


3 Month Coaching Package - Please contact Alison to get your FREE Discovery Call: