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What if there is a totally different possibility with you and your body?

Animal and Entity Communication and Services

Equiine Assisted Coaching and Services:

- Equine Assisted Coaching/Facilitation

- Classes

- Animal Communication and Facilitation Sessions



Talk To The Entities:

- Private Sessions

- House, Building, and Land Clearing

- Classes and Telecalls 


Alison is an Access Consciousness®, Conscious Horse Conscious Rider®, and Talk To the Entities™ Certified Facilitator as well as a Certified Massage Therapist. Since finding and applying the tools of Access Consciousness® and Talk to the Entities ™ her bodywork, business, money flows, life, living and reality have all completely changed in amazing and dynamic ways. 

“What Access Consciousness®  has opened up for me is a world that I always KNEW was possible when I was a child. It’s like I get to live a “fantasy” that’s no longer just make believe. Magic is real. Knowing that I can use not only the tools of Access® to create my life and living, but add communicating with, receiving from, and contributing to the beautiful world of entities to exponentially create even MORE is truly a gift. I am here to share this magic with the world and facilitate anyone who is willing to step into more of what THEY have always known should be and IS possible.”

Are you someone who knows there is more than what this reality currently has to offer?

Are you ready to get over any fear you may have with entities?

Are you ready to explore a whole new way of working WITH the entities to create more for your life, business, money, pets, relationships, the PLANET and more?

Join Alison in an Introduction or Beginner Talk To The Entities™ class or contact her for a private 1 on 1 verbal transformation session to start exploring YOUR capacities with entities and the energies available to you.

What do you know and what else is possible?!

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Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitator
Access Bars and Body Process Facilitator
Talk To The Entities™ Certified Facilitator

Conscious Horse Conscious Rider Facilitator

Access Body Pocess Facilitator