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Alivio Massage Therapy is dedicated to facilitating change in those that are ready to receive it! We offer an array of modalities for the body and mind including many forms of Massage Therapy and Access Consciousness® The Bars, Body Processes, and Tools. We have seen AMAZING results with chronic and acute pain, posture, injuries, anxiety diminishment, and overall life changes that weren't considered a possibility before. If you have any questions as to how we can facilitate you and your body, please, do not hesitate to call or contact us! 


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Thursday September 15th - CLEARING NIGHT​: What Do You Love About Not Knowing - Live and Livestream - Denver, CO

Saturday October 1st-2nd - Conscious Horse Conscious Rider with Hanne Stigaard - Denver Greater Metro 

Friday October 7th - Access Consciousness Global Bars Class with Founders Gary and Dain - Livestreamed in Boulder, Co

Saturday October 8th-11th - Access Consciousness Foundation REWRITE with Founders Gary and Dain - Livestreamed in Boulder, Co

Friday October 28th-30th - Talk To The Entities Intro Night and A Whole New World - London



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